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Date Title Series Speaker
  5/5/2013 Your Pure Heart

Pastor Gray defines and addresses the difference between a man's spirit and his soul.

Joseph Gray
3/3/2013 Greater Works

Joseph Gray
  1/20/2013 Open Your Mouth and Ask!

Pastor Gray explains the simple concept of how we can get our prayers answered.

Joseph Gray
  1/6/2013 Prayer and Prophecy

Pastor Gray explains how to how effective prayer and the gift of prophecy.

Joseph Gray
  12/9/2012 By Faith & Through Faith, Pt. 1

By Faith & Through Faith Joseph Gray
  12/9/2012 By Faith & Through Faith, Pt. 2

By Faith & Through Faith Joseph Gray
  11/25/2012 A World of Iniquity

This world is filled with iniquity, due to the sins of Adam, but Jesus laid down His life that we may have supernatural abundance. Pastor Gray addresses what it takes to live an abundant life!

Joseph Gray
  11/11/2012 If You Only Knew

Elder Henley gives historic background to enhance our understanding of the Woman at the Well.

Claude Henley
  10/28/2012 Positioning Ourselves for God's Blessings

Pastor Gray teaches on our praises and God's expectations from us and His blessings to us.

Joseph Gray
  10/21/2012 Your Victory is in Your Mouth

Pastor Gray teaches us how we say can determine whether we are victorious or defeated.

Change in God Glorified Joseph Gray